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Tarik Rosin - the "T-REX" - is the original Do-It-Yourself At-Home Herbal Oil Extraction machine.

It looks like an old-school cd-player, but anyone that's used this Solventless Rosin Extraction Press will tell you that this little machine is pretty amazing.

Within a couple of minutes, you can take high-grade flower, wrap it in Parchment Paper (NEVER Wax Paper) and with a 10-second press, you will see the oils in your flower be extracted with simply heat and pressure.  With any Dab Tool, you can gather up the fresh-pressed oil and either vape it, load it onto a bowl, enhance a joint, or even cook with it.

With the Tarik Rosin "T-REX", you can control your own medicine and know that it is truly solventless... no butane, no propane, no co2... simply your dank flower rearranged through simple science.

What's In the Green Gift Box:

  • 1X - Tarik Rosin Press
  • 1X - Power Cord
  • 1X - Instruction Manual