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This petite anodized aluminum grinder has SHARP diamond-shaped teeth to gnash through your choice of herb. Great for both culinary and recreational uses!

This attractive little workhorse is made up of 4 parts.
Part 1 is a magnetic top with grinding teeth that joins securely with it's perforated, toothy companion, (a.k.a. part 2). A nylon friction ring keeps the action between them moving along smoothly. Next in line, Part 3, the pollen screen, retains your usable product.  And finally Part 4, on the bottom, the pollen/dust catcher. In this bottom level, you will find a handy little scraper that is perfect for gathering the smallest particles ("waste not, want not") and for cleaning up after use.

At only 40mm in diameter and 35mm high, this little grinder is a very portable. Small enough to stash in your pocket or purse, nightstand or kitchen drawer. Strong enough to get the job done!

Petite. Attractive. Strong. 

Yes. Good Things DO come in SMALL packages!

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