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The Lightning - function and form together in one flashy Grinder!

Designed to grind herbs (and spices) into finer bits, the Lightning Grinder is suitable for kitchen and recreational uses.
Made from durable Aircraft Grade Aluminum, the sharp diamond-shaped cutting teeth facilitate an efficient grinding experience. And the scratch-resistant, clear high-density acrylic top window lets you watch the action!

The strong body is ergonomically shaped - with a slimmer "waist" - for the best control while grinding. A powerful magnet keeps the grinder sealed so nothing is lost while the contents are being processed. 

Package includes:

  • 1 Herb Grinder - in 4 parts:
  1. Top with acrylic window and diamond-shaped teeth
  2. Perforated Grinding Chamber with more teeth
  3. Mesh Screen for sifting product: pieces, pollen, etc.
  4. Bottom pollen/dust collection chamber
  • 1 Pollen Scraper - moves pollen/dust through screen
  • 1 Velvet Bag - suitable for carrying or storage

Grinder teeth inserts come in your choice of 5 anodized colors -
Blue, Green, Gold, Purple and Red - in a sleek black housing.