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The airis Quaser Vaporizer with innovative Qcell technology maximizes the atomizers surface area using a fritted quartz coil for even heating. ("Fritted", you ask? Think of it as a wafer-thin filter made of miniscule grains of fused quartz glass that allows gas and liquids to diffuse through it.)

How to Use: (It's SO Easy!)

  • Load your concentrate into the Qcell Atomizer using Dab-Mouthpiece
  • Turn the device ON by clicking 5-times rapidly (in 2 seconds)
  • Press button 2-times to pre-heat and 1-time off before changing Voltage
  • Change Voltage by clicking 3-times, indicator light color will change
  • Voltage colors: Green = 3.4V / Blue = 3.7V / Red = 4.2V
  • Click 5-times rapidly (in 2 seconds) to turn OFF
  • Recharging: Red light will stay on during charging and turn off when fully charged

Quaser Vaporizer Specs:

  • Portable Pen-style Device - 128.5 x 11 x 11mm
  • Combination Dab tool/Mouthpiece - Very Convenient
  • Qcell (Fritted Quartz) Coil - Even Heating, More Vapor
  • 280mAh Battery with Variable Voltage
  • Window for checking up on your Wax/Concentrate
  • Micro USB Charger

The Quaser Kit includes:

  • 1X airis Quaser Vaporizer, complete device
  • 1X Cleaning Brush
  • 1X Micro USB Charging cable

Portable. Convenient. Adjustable. Easy.

In Dabber-Speak, no need to worry about torching a "Quartz Banger" ever again!