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Pixotine is an incredibly innovative solution to an age-long problem; a way to get that nicotine buzz without cigarettes, smelly clothes, spit cups, fire hazards, or nasty looks from nearby people. 

It almost sounds too good to be true, but with Pixotinethe Original Nicotine Toothpick, that fantasy is a reality!

It's an easy way to enjoy all the benefits and pleasures of nicotine without the issues, judgments, and irritations.  

Use them nearly anywhere. At Work, the Movies, Sporting Events, & Concerts.  At Restaurants, while Shopping, and in the Car.   Flying, Boating, Hiking, and at the Beach.  Near your Family and Friends, and even Strangers!

Each Pixotine toothpick contains the nicotine equivalent of one cigarette. 

Available in 3 Flavors: Cinnamon, Tobacco, & Winter Ice

15 wooden toothpicks per pack.
For sale to 18+ only.