Herb Vaporizers & Glass

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If you haven't looked thru this collection in a while...
check it out!!  We've REDUCED THE PRICES on EVERY item.

We have discreet electronic Vaporizers for use with 
dry herb and wax concentrates
to reduce the combustion-effects of traditional pipes.

Or - if you prefer a little fire with your smoke -
Choose from All-Glass and Glass-with-Silicone in 
Traditional and Novelty shapes,
Simple to Sophisticated designs f
or Flame-Ignited Combustion.

The Items in this Collection are available for Customers 21+.


This is the YOCAN "X" - a simple wax vaporizer using a pod system for a hassle-free experience!...
Yocan "X" Replacement Pod w/ Mouthpiece - 5/pk
Yocan X Replacement Pods are designed to fit the Yocan X Wax Concentrate Vape Pen. The pod is...
Yocan EVOLVE PLUS Wax Vaporizer Kit (2020 Edition)
 The Yocan EVOLVE PLUS Wax Vaporizer is a sleek device that delivers huge clean hits and smooth flavor...
YOCAN COIL CAPS for Evolve Plus and Evolve Plus XL - 5/pk
Genuine YOCAN Coil Wax Reserver Caps for your Yocan EVOLVE PLUS and EVOLVE,PLUS XL Wax Concentrate Devices. These...
V-MOD 2 Vaporizer by VAPMOD
Small. Sleek. Discreet. The VAPMOD V-MOD 2 Vaporizer features new haptic feedback vibration, 900mAh rechargeable battery and a magnetic...
DazzVape U-Key Concentrate Oil Vaporizer
The DazzVape U-Key is a compact and portable concentrate oil vaporizer that looks like a luxury car "keyless"...
Komodo V-Mod II Battery
The Komodo V-Mod II is a palm-sized, ergonomically-designed adjustable voltage Battery for use with Oil Cartridges.  It features...
Yocan UNI Pro (Universal) Concentrate Oil Vaporizer
The Yocan UNI Pro Vaporizer can adapt to any size 510 concentrate oil cartridge and hold it securely in place...
Ceramic Vaporizer for Wax Concentrates
This ceramic chambered vaporizer acts like a kiln for wax concentrates. It has been designed to work with...
ECT Glass Globe Wax Atomizer Tank
Extract the Best Flavors from your favorite Wax Concentrates with the ECT Glass Globe Wax Atomizer Tank! This...
Tarik Rosin "T-REX" Herbal Extraction Press
LAST ONE! Tarik Rosin - the "T-REX" - is the original Do-It-Yourself At-Home Herbal Oil Extraction machine. It...
airis Quaser Vaporizer Kit for Concentrates
The airis Quaser Vaporizer with innovative Qcell technology maximizes the atomizers surface area using a fritted quartz coil for even...
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