Ready for some new flavors?!!!!

I've been pushing our Lab Staff towards new horizons!
I really think 1 of them sprained a taste bud or two coming up with new ideas. And of course, the flavors must be bold. No wimpy flavors allowed!
Here's a few we've rolled out:

Code:RY4 ...our take on the world's most popular tobacco! You'll find notes of Caramel and                        Vanilla with mellow tobacco. 

Jamma, Jamma ...just like jam Grandma used to make! Blueberry, Raspberry AND                                               Strawberry all, well, jammed together.

Love Potion #9 ...Not just for "lovers", if you love (milk) Chocolate Covered Strawberries, here's                                    your vice, with no calories!

There's more to come very soon, like "Notorious P.O.G.", "Fruit Nebula", Tutti-Frutti"!

With all the new work, our Lab crew came in drowzy the other day from the pressure of finding new eLiquids...and that gave me an idea. We need...


Now, I have the crew working of some fantastic Coffee varieties, sure to open your eyes and please the palate! They're nearly ready...!


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