Progress AND patience. 
We've been told it's just a few more days for our (new) credit card processor to be up and running with us. 
If you've been wondering what the (heck) is going on with Atomic Dog Vapor, I'll tell you the truth. Here we go.
Our former Credit Card processing company, Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS), who we've been with for 7 years, decided to cease business with us because we sell Nicotine products. More specifically, because we sell only online, and cannot visually check a driver's license for age verification. That part is true. Anyone selling anything online can have this issue.  Companies like these can be heavily fined if they're "caught".  Nicotine is the issue (so says our government). And apparently, our government doesn't trust you.
Where things went wrong for Atomic Dog Vapor, is that EMS gave no notice. We had to find a new Credit Card processor from scratch. We've found some great people to work, unfortunately NOT based in the U.S., and providing all important documentation, setting everything up at the processors end, just takes time. 
Here's the bad news. Because our new processor is taking more risk, there's higher fees to Atomic Dog Vapor. Due to this, some items may have a small price increase. We're not planning any increase in price higher than $1 per item. 
On the plus side, we often advertise discounts and include offers with orders we ship, that can save you 10 to 15%. Atomic Dog Vapor would much rather have happy, repeat customers, than make huge profits from one time sales, so we keep our prices as low as possible. That policy will not change!
We've been told that our website, credit card payment gateway, should be operational June 28th, maybe June 27th.
Please bear with us! We're responding as quickly as we can to resume normal operations.
Thanks everyone!

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