If you live in PA, as I do, our FINE Governor has decreed that eCig and Vapers need to be punished. Oh, too strong? I think not. A swell thing to do to your constituents who are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, Mr. Wolf.

Effective October 1st, anyone with a PA address, purchasing vape products will pay a (new) 40% tax along with the usual 6% sales tax. 

More states are adding similar taxes. 

We value our PA customers! We don't profit a penny from this tax. This is not a price increase from Atomic Dog Vapor.

Last, we still feel our products are worth the additional cost. I've tried quite a few eCigs, off brand vape products, and supposedly, Premium eLiquids...and none measure up. Well, I found 1 eLiquid I liked as much as ours in Long Beach, Cali...but it was quite expensive.

We will continue to offer great products at a very reasonable price. Please weather the storm, and stay with us. We appreciate your business!

Rob Stroul


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