Hi Everyone! We continue pushing forward to regain Credit Card processing, but we're not there yet.  The issue is age verification for nicotine purchases and U.S. banks fearing hefty fines for funds flowing through them. We're not the only ones having this issue.
We are diligently trying to establish connections with a "non U.S." bank that will allow our transactions.
You can pay by Check by Money Order. We will process all orders we receive just as fast as we normally do (1 business day or same day).
Using the website, create your order. Add item(s) to your cart. Once you're done, you'll have a total amount. You'd normally pay that amount with your credit card. Just print "your order" and write your check/money order for that amount to Atomic Dog Vapor. Be sure to include a print out of your order!
Mail the order and payment to:

Atomic Dog Vapor
P.O. Box 6195
Erie, PA 16512

We're sorry for the inconvenience! At this time, this is the only way we can serve you. Rest assured, your payment is safe with us and we will fill your order promptly and send your order quickly.

Rob Stroul
General Manager
Atomic Dog Vapor 

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