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Choosing the right gear makes a HUGE difference!

Posted by Maria Stroul on May 17, 2017 0 Comments

I couldn't believe it. How can it be?

I know we make good, full flavored eLiquids. I want  the gear that will help me saturate my taste buds with flavor.

All eCigs work pretty much the same...power source, tank (or drip), cotton and coils. How can  one company do it so much better than anyone else?

Smok is doing it! Pronounce the company name any way you like. I've heard it as "Smoke" and "Smock". 

They've found the sweet spot of power to coil, copious cotton, and airflow. There's options for mods with lesser powered units costing less, up to the "G-Priv" with a full touch screen, that's top of the line "tech-wise".

Got a power source (Wattage!) you like? Time to upgrade your tank! There's (at least) 4 to choose from. Smaller is the Baby Beast. Max clouds come from the 12 coil TFV12. ALL, and I mean ALL produce killer flavor, and vapor to boot.

Look, I'm not getting paid by Smok to Blog this. I just want to share my opinion and experience with this company.  It's the right thing to do.

Atomic Dog Vapor does carry products from other companies because customers have asked for them. Given the opportunity to assist, I steer folks towards Smok.

Thanks and Vape Happy!

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