February/March 2021

Dear Friend and valued Customer,

Whether you’re relatively new to Atomic Dog Vapor, or a long term Friend, it’s time to have a heart-to-heart talk. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve been committed to supplying quality products at a very good price and service the way we’d like to have it ourselves.  Hopefully, we’ve met your expectations.

Unfortunately, we’ve reached the end of our leash. Beginning in April 2021, we will be required to collect and remit sales and vapor taxes for all the states in which we have customers (49 of the 50; no friends in North Dakota yet!) and supply paperwork to each. Additionally, at the end of March, the USPS will not handle packages with anything vapor related in them. The only available option will be the more expensive delivery service of UPS, and they will require “Adult” signature with ID to leave a package. Furthermore, UPS hands off some parcels in more remote and rural areas to the USPS, who will not deliver. For our customers in these areas, it’s a “no-win” situation.

All of these changes are far too cumbersome for us to handle. Only a few of you know this: we are a two-and-a-half person operation. My wife Maria handles “everything” office, my sister Lisa is our part-timer, and yours truly handles product acquisitions, manufacturing liquid, creating labels, packaging and whatever else needs to be done. So “piling more work” onto us and limiting delivery spells the end. We will be closing up shop at the end of March.

We hope that we have made each of you feel important, because you are to us. We speak of you often, discussing your order or by discussing your location, and ultimately you get a blue dot on our “Big US Map”- with each blue dot indicating a city, town or burg where Atomic Dog Vapor has made a friend.

If you were a smoker, please do not return to commercial tobacco! You and I know that vaping is a less harmful alternative. But, our federal and state governments seem to believe your health isn’t their concern. Here’s a link to show how important Cigarette sales are to them: (Please hover & click on the link, and read the article) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tobacco_Master_Settlement_Agreement. You’ll learn about the “Master Settlement Agreement” and become a more informed person.  The major ‘Take-Away Point’ is this: “The amount of money that the PMs (Participating Manufacturers) are required to annually contribute to the states varies according to several factors.  All payments are based primarily on the number of cigarettes sold.” (Source: see above listed article)

Again, we hope we’ve done right by you! Please take advantage of our clearance sale. Many items have been reduced to our cost, some even lower. And, in case you don’t know, we also sell high quality CBD products from two of America’s most respected CBD manufacturers. Federal Commerce laws prevent us from selling these products on our website. Again, our good intentions to offer help and health to our fellow humans is restricted by our own government agencies. If you’re interested in these CBD products, reach out to us.

Just a few more words…from me to you... ”Please take your health seriously, especially at this time. My father passed away from Covid-19 last summer. My mother, sister, and brother-in-law, all had it at the same time as my father, and although they were very ill, they survived. I also had the virus in early December but, thankfully, did not get seriously sick.  I beg of you: If you won’t wear a mask for yourself, please PLEASE consider others around you. We all need to care more and be compassionate.”

Your Friend, Rob

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