As a "Welcome" and "Thanks", we've put one of the most popular devices in history on sale! Get your own Innokin MVP 2.0 now...only $34.99! Normally priced at $64.99, this is a complete kit. The only thing missing is eLiquid. You'll get a choice of color, the Variable Voltage "battery", iClear 30 tank and charger cable, and instructions.

The unique aspect of the MVP 2.0 battery, is that it has so much power, it can double as a battery to charge items like your cel phone. Yes, that is correct. Simply "flip the switch" on the bottom and the battery "out charges". Use the included USB cable, plug in both ends and "voila!", you're charging. Quite handy for sure!

Look for the MVP under "Devices" on the website. Other great stuff too...but this one is our treat for you!

For eLiquid, we've started listing our 10ml's and 30's Atomic Dog Vapor eLiquids on the website. Great taste and quality (all USA ingredients), made by us here at Atomic Dog Vapor. 

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