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Posted by Rob Stroul on March 19, 2015 0 Comments

Hi Friends! We're announcing our name change in as many ways as possible. Effective April 1st, We will become Atomic Dog Vapor (! We're pretty psyched!

Why the change? What will change? Is this an April Fools Day joke? What about the staff?

Name change...When we originally did our Trademark search, we were unaware someone at "Big Tobacco" had secured the name, but was not using it. We were told to "disappear". We're allowed to "sell through out current stock". Our mistake for not digging deep enough. There you have it.

Product far as "eCigarettes and eCigars", ONLY the name will change. No flavor changes, price changes, etc. You'll see logo/packaging changes as we finish our current products, Atomic Dog Vapor products will replace them. A bunch of new eLiquid flavors are "on deck". Some underachieving flavors will be retired.

No, not a joke. I see this as 1 step back and (more than) 2 steps forward. We've outgrown what we started. The "eCigarette" part, while still true, was confining. We offer so many products, and will continue to offer what is new and trending.

Staff...we're still the same group! No ownership changes, personnel changes, or...well, Rob and Maria have added a new dog, Kodi. (Hint...That name may appear somewhere else...)

We're planning some great new, eLiquid flavors with Atomic Dog. And some will be available in a 30ml. bottle. More later about that.

All is good here! Nearly time to start "Rockin' the Dog"! ( April 1st.

Thanks Everyone!









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