I know I'm going to look back...maybe in a week, month, 6 months or even a year, and wonder why some cold weather was such a big deal. Well...-16 when I went to work this morning is record breaking cold around Erie, PA. Yeah, we get snow. It comes and goes. We deal with it. But even now, at the end of my work day, it's a balmy 1 degree. Ughhhh!

How does this fit into an eCig blog post? Really simple. Why would you want to go outside to smoke? !?!?

If you aren't already enjoying the many pleasures of eCigs, Vaping, etc. you're missing the boat. Stay warm, save your hard earned sawbucks, improve your health and enjoy getting your taste back!

So, between usual daily tasks, I've been chipping away at some new flavors of eJuice. 

Well, when something big comes your way, and I'm not saying what, yet...you want to be at your best. Safe to say...there's more than new flavors coming.

Anticipation builds!!! Get ready to "ROCK THE DOG" !!!!!!!!!!

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