2 heavyweights slugging it out! Both are new Clearomizers (atomizers, Tanks) from the leading manufacturers of "tanks". Sub Ohm capable? You bet.

If you're looking to upgrade from a mid-level vaping experience...say, a Pro Tank 3; either is a great choice. Maybe you have an allegiance towards one company or the other. Both use specific, yet easily installed bottom coils. Pyrex glass? Check. Adjustable airflow control ? Check.

The SubTank is simply bigger. Your personal choice here. The Atlantis is smaller. I see it this way...I change eJuice flavors often. It's more convenient for me to use the Atlantis, because I don't need to fill it as much to get a good draw. IF...you vape a flavor all day, or longer, the SubTank is a good choice. Taste and vapor output from these 2 are excellent! You'll get as close to a "drip" experience from both.

I prefer the look of the Kanger. It has a little more style. But as I said before, I need to commit to a flavor for a full day as the tank is pretty large (6ml). Please take a look through our website to see pics and get more details.

Lastly, and quite important,  to maximize the capabilities of these 2 tanks, you'll want a mod (battery) capable of 30 Watts or more. Below 30 Watts, your battery may not be able to fire. Again, look through the website for options. We like the Hana Modz (clone) DNA 35 (watts) and the Sigelei 100W Plus.

Want more info? I trust "Rip Trippers" for honest, and a little quirky, video reviews. SImply Google "Rip Trippers Aspire Atlantis", or "Rip Trippers Kanger SubTank". 

Coming soon...Kanger SubTank Mini and Kanger SubTank Nano! Smaller versions of the original.

Vape on! my friends,


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